The tradition of using Christmas tree decorations in homes started as a Pagan tradition, symbolizing life in the cold and dark winter nights as these trees could grow amidst ice and snow. While these trees were first used as a symbol of Christmas in biblical plays, it was when the plays were banned in the 16th century, that people started using them to decorate their homes. Candles and ornaments were first used to decorate the trees. Today people use Christmas lights and buy Christmas ornaments to decorate their trees. Why not you use something different with these DIY Christmas tree decorations!

1. Beautiful Ribbon Bead


These DIY Christmas tree decoration are cute and easy to make. All you need are 8-15 large beads, 30-40 cm of your chosen colored ribbon (at least 1.5cm wide), and a needle and thread. Now thread a needle and use a large bead as the base, securing it by threading the cotton through it a few times and completing with a knot.

Start with about 6cm of ribbon, fold, and push the needle through its center, add a bead and fold the ribbon back over the bead, a little inside from the first layer. Thread the needle through its center and repeat till you get a Christmas tree shape and finish off by securing a bead at the top with a knot.

2. Easy-to-Make Fabric DIY Christmas Tree Decoration


This is a really easy Christmas ornament your kids can make to harbor in the festive mood of the season. You need things like a Christmas tree ball ornament, some rubber bands, jute twine, some ribbon and a 13” square of any type of thin fabric, preferably something linen.

Cover the ball ornament with the square piece of fabric and use a rubber band to tide the top fabric. Then using the jute twine, make a knot to hide the rubber band and make a bow with the décor ribbon. Finish off by making a hanging thread for the ball with jute twine and hang it on your tree!

3. Attractive Cinnamon Stick


Bored of the usual ornaments? Why not these DIY Christmas tree decorations? All you need are 3” cinnamon sticks, Canadian Pine garland, glue gun, assorted buttons, a glue gun, wire cutters and twine or hemp cord.

Cut a 7” piece of twine and cut a few pieces of Canadian pine garland using wire cutters. Glue the pine pieces to the cinnamon stick with the shortest piece at the top followed by the bigger pieces. Then glue the twine to the back of the cinnamon stick after knotting it at the bottom, glue on your colorful buttons and decorate your tree!

4. Mini Plaster DIY Christmas Tree Decoration


Beautify your Christmas tree with these easy-to-make mini plaster trees. You need some plaster of Paris, a Christmas tree silicone mould, an acrylic paint, paintbrush and gold gliding flakes. First quickly mix the plaster with water as plaster of Paris sets quickly and pour into the mold.

Scrape away extra plaster and leave to dry, preferably for 4 hours. Remove from the mould as they easily pop out and paint the trees with green paint. You need to do a few coats as the plaster absorbs the paint. Then apply some gilding adhesive and flakes to the base of each tree and your DIY Christmas ornament is ready!

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